A talented and distinctive jazz pianist, Conrad Gayle is equally influenced and inspired by 1950s/’60s jazz (particularly soul jazz and hard bop) and religious music. He began playing piano at six, performed when he was young in church, and has since carved out a career for himself as a jazz musician in his native Toronto. […]

The Live Sessions

Conrad Gayle began playing piano when he was six in his native Toronto. Some of his earliest experiences performing in public were in church. Religious music has had a strong influence on his playing in terms of his passion while he has also developed his own individual style as a jazz pianist. The Live Sessions […]

Conrad Gayle: Genesis EP

Genesis EP

Conrad Gayle is a pianist from Toronto who plays both jazz and religious music. Actually, to be more accurate, he plays jazz that is influenced by his religious beliefs, infusing spirituality into each phrase that he creates. Genesis is a four-song EP in which the pieces, while standing alone, when grouped together form a suite. […]